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Brad Beck

Senior Transportation Planner


Brad, along with the rest of the Planning Section, looks into the Authority’s crystal ball to identify the challenges Contra Costa faces and ways to overcome them – Where will people want to travel and how? How can we make our transportation system greener? What improvements would have the biggest impact for lowest cost? Brad focuses both on these “big picture” policy issues and on the specifics of identifying and funding those projects with the biggest bang for the buck. A major part of Brad’s work involves encouraging more people to walk or bicycle to work, school, and shopping. This work includes overseeing the Authority’s work on allocating federal, state, and local funds to support these alternatives to driving.


Prior to joining CCTA in 1997, Brad worked as a planner in both California and Washington State, where he grew up. His undergraduate degree is from the University of Washington (“Go Dawgs!”) and his Master’s is from UC Berkeley (“Go Bears!”).

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