Innovative Strategies Drive Public Service

As a public agency, CCTA is dedicated to listening to the public and providing vital information about the projects and programs your tax dollars fund, plan, and deliver. CCTA takes our public accountability responsibilities seriously, and strives to infuse all of the work we do with innovative opportunities for deep and meaningful public engagement.

Residents Define Our Priorities

In 2015, we engaged over one thousand Contra Costa residents in helping us define our funding, planning, and project priorities via an innovative, award-winning online tool we call #FundingOurFuture.

The #FundingOurFuture web tool is a fun and interactive way for residents to let us know what transportation investments are most important to them, and where they’d most like to see their tax payer dollars at work. Whether residents want to prioritize more transit, smoother traffic, or safer streets, we wanted to hear directly from them!

Check out this video for more information on #FundingOurFuture and what we heard from Contra Costa residents.

CCTA on Social Media

Social media provides exciting new avenues for CCTA to reach out, share our work, and gather community input into the decisions made on behalf of Contra Costa residents. In 2015, CCTA joined Twitter and launched a YouTube channel to provide additional opportunities for residents to engage and learn about and comment on our work. From timely updates to informative videos, we work hard to keep you informed!