Countywide Transportation Plan (CTP) 2017

The CTP provides the overall direction for achieving and maintaining a balanced and functional transportation system within Contra Costa - including a series of strategies and implementing actions - while strengthening links between land use decisions and transportation. It outlines the Authority's vision for Contra Costa and it establishes goals, strategies, specific projects, and other actions for achieving that vision.

On May 24, 2017 the Authority released the Draft 2017 CTP Update for public review. The Draft 2017 CTP is comprised of two volumes.

  • Volume 1 provides the Vision, Goals and Strategies and a long-range transportation investment program that will help to deliver a comprehensive transportation system that enhances mobility and access while promoting a healthy environment and a strong economy.
  • Volume 2 contains a summary of the Action Plans, along with a performance and equity evaluation of major projects - those greater than $25 million.  

These documents can be downloaded below. If you would like to comment on the Draft 2017 CTP, please send your comments to To participate in our online open house, please visit

  • CTP Public Outreach- What We Heard
  • Notice of Preparation - February 2017
  • 2017 Draft CTP Vol. 1
  • 2017 Draft CTP Vol. 2