Bryant Way Moraga Way Improvements

This project provides pedestrian and bicycle connection between St. Stephens Trail, downtown Orinda and the Orinda BART station, therefore encouraging alternative modes of transportation and reducing reliance on the automobile. The project encompasses; 1) Bryant Way/Davis Road from the St. Stephens Trail to the BART station connection near Camino Pablo; and 2) Moraga Way from Brookwood Road to Bryant Way. The following improvements are completed as a part of the project:

• Add crosswalks (including raised crosswalks) and warning signs on Moraga Way, Bryant Way, and their intersection.

• Modify traffic circle at Moraga Way/Bryant Way as necessary.

• Install bicycle pavement markings and signage.

• Add signage from and to BART and St. Stephens Trail.

• Add north side sidewalks on Bryant Way from Davis Road to the Orinda BART pedestrian bridge access.

• Redesign Bryant Way including adding bulb-outs, street trees and lighting.

• Add curb extensions at the intersection of Bryant Way and Moraga Way.

• Reconfigure Bryant Way/Davis Road by extending the curb to reduce the curb radii for right turns onto Davis to slow right-turns and improve pedestrian/ bicycle safety. Modify the location of the raised island as necessary to accommodate the redesign of the southwest curb.

• Add rumble strips, speed humps and/or raised crosswalks to slow and warn drivers.

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