Interstate 80 Integrated Corridor Mobility

Have you seen the big electronic signs on westbound Interstate 80 (Eastshore Freeway) between Richmond and the Bay Bridge? Go to to learn more about the new signs for freeway drivers that will provide real-time recommended speed limit, traffic accident and other information.

The I-80 Integrated Corridor Mobility (ICM) Project proposes to make the most efficient use of the existing infrastructure within the I-80 corridor by implementing system management strategies to reduce congestion, reduce travel time, and improve safety. The project will extend from the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Toll Plaza to the Carquinez Bridge.

Project elements include: Freeway Management System (corridor-wide adaptive ramp metering including ramp metering HOV bypass lanes for transit access, and freeway speed harmonization through Variable Speed Limit signs), Arterial Management System, Transit Management System, Traveler Information System, Traffic Surveillance and Control System, Incident Management System, Commercial Vehicle Operations, and Integration with the East Bay SMART Corridor Program.

The primary goal of the I-80 Integrated Corridor Mobility (ICM) project is to enhance the current Transportation Management System along the I-80 Corridor to build a balanced, responsive, and equitable integrated system that will monitor and maintain optimum traffic flow along the network to improve the safety and mobility for all users, including transit customers. For several years in a row, I-80 in Contra Costa and Alameda counties has been ranked the highest in the Bay Area for its peak period traffic congestion. With no room for further expansion, effective management of the current transportation system is the only solution to eke out additional capacity.
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