Moraga Way at Glorietta Boulevard and Camino Encinas

This project provides a right-turn lane to both northbound Moraga way and westbound Glorietta Boulevard, moving the northbound Moraga Way bus stop to the north side of the intersection, a separate pedestrian walkway along the north side of Glorietta Boulevard between Glorietta Court and the relocated bus stop, and a pedestrian crosswalk across Moraga Way to access the northbound and southbound Moraga Way through this intersection.

Improvements at the Camino Encinas intersection include better channelization of traffic through the Brookwood intersection. The improvements are in both the southbound and northbound directions. In the southbound direction, the merge lane length (from two lanes to one) now extends to Overhill Road. In the northbound direction, the second northbound lane now begins near Overhill rather than its previous beginning shortly before the Camino Encinas intersection.

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