CCTA is responsible for ensuring the completion of a wide variety of projects that were included in the original Measure C Expenditure Plan and the Measure J Expenditure Plan. Some major projects, primarily on state highways, are being developed directly by CCTA. Others are administered by cities, the county or transit districts with funds provided by CCTA.

A Strategic Plan is prepared approximately every two years and programs funds to individual projects in specific years over the upcoming five to seven year period. For projects that have local proponents (city, county, transit districts or other special districts), CCTA enters into cooperative agreements, approves fund appropriation resolutions and reimburses project proponents upon satisfactory billing for conduct of the particular phase of work. For projects on the State Highway System, CCTA works cooperatively with Caltrans by retaining consultants and managing single or multiple phases of the work.

CCTA reviews progress on projects funded by Measure C and/or Measure J through a program management system and Quarterly Project Status Reports.

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