Transportation Plan


The Countywide Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP), is one of the key planning tools called for in the Measure J Growth Management Program (GMP). Specifically, Measure J requires the Contra Costa Transportation Authority to:

Support efforts to develop and maintain an ongoing planning process with the cities and the County through the funding and development of a CTP.

The CTP provides the overall direction for achieving and maintaining a bala... more

Action Plans

As part of the 2014 update of the Countywide Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) and the Regional Transportation Planning Committees (RTPCs), are updating their Action Plans for Routes of Regional Significance. The Action Plans are intended to reduce the impact of new development on freeways, arterials, transit and major trails. Each identifies a system of Regional Routes, those freeways, arterials and other facilities that provide the main connections among Contra Costa's communities and to the surrounding region. The Action Plans help local jurisdictions meet the requirement in CCTA's... more

Environmental Impact Report

On September 19, 2014, CCTA released the Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (SEIR) for the Draft 2014 Countywide Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP). To address comments received on the Draft SEIR and to evaluate the impacts of a potential financially-constrained Transportation Expenditure Plan (TEP), CCTA will recirculate the Draft SEIR. The Notice of Preparation for the recirculated Draft SEIR can be downloaded here.

In addition to the No Project alternative and financially-unconstrained list ... more