Interstate 680 HOV Direct Access Ramps

Southwest County
PROJECT BUDGET $110.6 Million
I-680 northbound and southbound Norris Canyon Road in San Ramon.

Forty percent of the Bay Area’s greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) — nearly 42 million metric tons a year — come from our cars, trucks, buses, trains, ships and planes. (Reference Metropolitan Transportation Commission, September 2009). 

The I-680 High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Direct Access Ramps Project would provide more convenient, direct access for transit vehicles and HOVs to and from San Ramon destinations (including the San Ramon Transit Center), reduce weaving across multiple freeway lanes by transit vehicles and carpoolers entering or exiting the freeway, improve travel times for transit vehicles and HOVs, reduce the number of transit vehicles and HOVs traveling through the congested Crow Canyon and Bollinger Canyon Road intersections, and improve local and regional transit/HOV links.

In 2004, Contra Costa vo ...more