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I-680 Tree Removal Project
Date Posted: 09.27.2017 Proposal Due: 10.10.2017 The Contra Costa Transportation Authority (Authority) is soliciting proposals from qualified General Engineering Contractors, (Contractor must have a Class A General Engineering Contractors license or a Class C61 license with a D49 classification), for the tree removal on Interstate 680 (I-680) for construction State Highway in Contra Costa County from 0.75 mile south of Redgear Road to Willow Pass Road project on I-680.

Bid forms for this work can be found and completed at

An electronic bidding process has been adopted for this solicitation. Paper bids will not be accepted. Electronic bids shall be submitted through

All bidders must register on and create a Digital ID through Bid Express to submit a bid.

Ivan Ramirez
(925) 256-4734
RFP 17-1 CC 511 Strategic Plan
Date Posted: 08.25.2017 Proposal Due: 10.03.2017

The Contra Costa Transportation Authority (Authority) is releasing this Request for Proposal (RFP) to interested consultant firms to prepare a Strategic Plan for the 511 Contra Costa Transportation Demand Management Program. The consultant’s objective will be to assist the Authority, SWAT and WCCTAC by developing a strategic plan for the 511 Contra Costa Program. The strategic plan will evaluate existing programs and services, the service delivery model, industry best practices, and emerging projects and programs from around the world.

The consultant will consider emerging technologies and determine their applicability to Contra Costa County. Consultant will also consider and recommend ways in which 511 Contra Costa can engage these new technologies to better reach the residents and commuters of Contra Costa and reduce vehicle miles traveled. The plan will also consider recommendations regarding elimination of existing programs, addition of new programs, more efficient delivery of services and improved outreach techniques and marketing. The strategic plan will ensure the program continues to meet its goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and vehicle miles traveled by establishing a process for performance monitoring using key performance indicators to ensure the programs continue to be cost effective.

One electronic copy of your proposal must be received by the Authority no later than 3:00 p.m. on October 3, 2017.

Tarienne Grover
(925) 256-4722