Measure J

In November 2004, Contra Costa County voters approved Measure J with a 71% vote. The measure provided for the continuation of our county’s half-cent transportation sales tax for 25 more years beyond the original expiration date of 2009. As with Measure C (the original 1988 transportation sales tax measure), the tax revenues will be used to fund a voter-approved Expenditure Plan of transportation programs and projects. The renewal of the tax means that many major improvements in our transportation system will become a reality, and some key projects can be undertaken sooner than originally planned.

Measure J will provide approximately $2.5 billion for countywide and local transportation projects and programs through the year 2034. The Authority worked for over two years, along with local governments, organizations, and residents to develop the Expenditure Plan, which specifies how the funds will be spent. The Plan received the support of every Contra Costa city and town as well as the County Board of Supervisors.

Some Plan Highlights Include:

  • I-680 Carpool Lane Gap Closure/Transit Corridor Improvements
  • $360 million for local streets and roads maintenance and improvement
  • eBART – East Contra Costa Rail Extension
  • A new 4th bore for the Caldecott Tunnel
  • State Route 4 East Widening
  • $123 million for transit for seniors and people with disabilities
  • Revising the Growth Management Program to encourage more housing in some communities
  • Requirement that all Contra Costa County cities, towns and the Board of Supervisors approve an Urban Limit Line