Contra Costa Electric Vehicle (EV) Readiness Blueprint

The Contra Costa Electric Vehicle Readiness Blueprint will prepare Contra Costa for the Electric Vehicle future by identifying the best locations for charging infrastructure; helping cities to adopt development standards and ordinances that encourage EV adoption; prepare the workforce of the future to maintain EVs and the charging infrastructure and identify where improvements to the electricity distribution infrastructure are necessary to support electric ready mobility hubs and zero emission bus fleets operated by our public transit operators.


The Blueprint will position the Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) and Contra Costa jurisdictions to obtain EV funding available through the California Energy Commission, Pacific Gas and Electric, the California Air Resources Board, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District and Electrify America (Volkswagen Settlement).

The Blueprint is being prepared under the direction of CCTA in partnership with Contra Costa County with funding provided by the California Energy Commission.  Significant public and stakeholder outreach will be included as part of the Blueprint, with a first draft anticipated to be available in June 2019.

EV Workforce Development Framework