CCTA has developed a draft 2020 Transportation Expenditure Plan (TEP) with every community member in mind. From Brentwood to Orinda, we’re reaching out to drivers, walkers, bikers and bus-takers to learn where the roads need fixing, where the bus routes should connect, where to modernize our roads and transit systems with new technology, and how to better serve the underserved. 

This plan outlines a vision for improving the way we move through Contra Costa County and here’s a glimpse into the categories of investments CCTA is considering:

  • Improve State Route 242, Highway 4 and eBART Corridor
  • Modernize I-680, Highway 24, and BART Corridor
  • Enhance I-80, I-580, and BART Corridor
  • Make Countywide Improvements that Enhance our Communities