Antioch Bicycle Garden

We’re partnering with City of Antioch and Street Smarts Diablo to create a unique, park-like facility that will help our community members of all ages and abilities, learn, practice and develop confidence for the rules of the road when walking and biking. We’re calling this facility a Bicycle Garden.

How It Works

With our miniature city streetscape design, we’ll offer real-life traffic features like signals, road signs, bus stops, bike lanes, train tracks and roundabouts. The Bicycle Garden will provide opportunities for fun, healthy, outdoor activities that youth can do with their friends, while offering self-guided and safe opportunities to practice bike and pedestrian safety. Click the video below to see a 3D visualization of our proposed Bicycle Garden concept.

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Where and When

The City of Antioch evaluated a variety of public park locations for this project and took input from the public. Ultimately, the City selected Prewett Park. The intention is to have the bicycle garden open to the public during regular park hours. Construction is estimated to begin in 2023 or early 2024 and finish in 2024 or early 2025.   Read More »


This project was initiated with four key goals in mind, and because we are confident that we will achieve them, we anticipate our Bicycle Garden concept will set the standard for similar facilities around the region.

SAFETY – Bicycle safety education is critical to helping our region achieve its Vision Zero goal of eliminating traffic collisions involving bicyclists and pedestrians. Our park-like facility will provide a safe, simulated environment for people of all ages and abilities, to practice the rules of the road.

COMMUNITY HEALTH – With a beautiful, engaging, outdoor environment, we want to encourage community building and healthy living, while instilling a culture of bicycling in Antioch and the region.

CLIMATE CHANGE – We hope to inspire a new movement of greener travel that encourages replacement of vehicle trips with bicycling or walking. This will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality.

EQUITY – Our facility will be free and open to the public, ensuring easy and equitable access for all community members, including youth and adults of all ages and abilities.

Countless Community Benefits

Eases congestion on city streets
Improves air quality and public health
Reduces vehicle miles traveled
Encourages healthy living across all ages and abilities
Readies future generations for greener travel