Improving Public Transit

Working in partnership with local transit agencies all across Contra Costa County, CCTA is improving ease of use and quality for public transit options including BART, bus transit, and innovative new solutions including supporting autonomous (driverless) vehicle programs and special services for students, seniors, and residents with disabilities.

To increase ridership of bus transit in Contra Costa County, CCTA is incentivizing riders by offsetting fares and improving the frequency and capacity of routes, especially high demand routes.

To increase capacity and ridership on the BART system in Contra Costa County, CCTA is funding improvements to local BART station capacity, access, safety, and parking. CCTA works towards the acquisition of additional new BART cars, additional on or off-site parking, shuttles and shared vehicles (carpools) that provide alternatives to driving single-occupant vehicles to BART stations, and bicycle & pedestrian access to local BART stations.