Elix wireless and Gomentum Station partner to test new method of charging electric vehicles

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Thursday, May 24, 2018

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New Technology Provides Ability for Autonomous Vehicles to Charge Themselves

CONCORD, California – GoMentum Station and ELIX Wireless Charging Systems announce a partnership today that will facilitate the testing of ELIX’s patented Magneto-Dynamic Coupling (MDC) wireless power system, enabling electric autonomous vehicles to charge themselves without human intervention. ELIX will become the official wireless charging supplier to GoMentum Station, beginning with the installation of an ELIX Wireless Charging unit at GoMentum Station’s 5,000 acre test facility for active use by testing partners.

ELIX Wireless has developed a low-frequency wireless transfer technology that can safely send power with low electromagnetic interference to efficiently and autonomously charge electric vehicles without the need to plug in. The ELIX system is conveniently designed so that chargers can be placed in various locations without a significant impact to existing infrastructure, such as in a parking curb or wheel stop. ELIX systems are designed with autonomous and shared mobility in mind. As electric vehicles approach chargers, the ELIX system will automatically detect nearby charging stations and charging will begin as soon as the vehicle’s receiver is within range. In addition to the convenience of cordless charging, the ELIX charging system offers enhanced safety to electric vehicles by eliminating power cables, wires, and high-frequency electromagnetic radiation that could affect computers and vehicle sensors.

Video footage of ELIX charging stations in use can be viewed here.

ELIX Wireless will be able to test its wireless charging technology with leading autonomous and mobility companies who are currently partnered with GoMentum Station – which is a multimodal hub for autonomous vehicle testing including trucks, personal automobiles, and shared autonomous shuttles. ELIX will be the first GoMentum Station partner to focus exclusively on charging those vehicles.

Wireless charging is the next logical step in the development of electric, autonomous vehicles,” explains Randy Iwasaki, Executive Director of the Contra Costa Transportation Authority. “ELIX technology allows for convenient charging without human intervention, which will maximize potential for autonomous and electric fleets throughout our transportation network. What we learn through this partnership will help guide future development of the transportation infrastructure within our communities.”

“Access to GoMentum Station will allow ELIX a unique opportunity to demonstrate our wireless technology in action,” said Rosalie Hou, CEO of ELIX Wireless. “The average shared vehicle is used for 30-60 percent of the day, but that use is split up into peak times throughout a 24-hour period. When charging is automatic during times when the vehicle is normally idle, the vehicle will be ready to go when it’s needed with no long service gaps to charge. For car share and fleet vehicles, this means that drivers do not need to worry if they forget to plug in and the vehicles will always be ready to use. We are very excited to be partnering with GoMentum Station to move this innovative project forward.”

About ELIX Wireless

ELIX Wireless is a team of passionate innovators who believe that the future of mobility relies on making electric and autonomous vehicles seamlessly fit into our lives and that wireless charging is a key enabler for this. The ELIX Wireless teams in Vancouver and Shanghai are committed to developing low-frequency, safe, scalable wireless transfer systems that make charging simple, effective, and a seamless experience. ELIX Wireless Charging Systems are designed around the needs of car share and fleet vehicle operators to optimize the user experience and maximize uptime.

About GoMentum Station

GoMentum Station in Concord, California is where the Contra Costa Transportation Authority leads and facilitates a collaborative partnership among multiple automobile manufacturers; original equipment manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers; communications suppliers; technology companies; researchers and academia; public agencies and other partners. At GoMentum Station, technology, innovation and commercialization will converge to define the next generation of transportation network infrastructure. More information about GoMentum Station is available at gomentumstation.net.

About The Contra Costa Transportation Authority

The Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) is a public agency formed by Contra Costa voters in 1988 to manage the county’s transportation sales tax program and oversee countywide transportation planning efforts. CCTA is responsible for planning, funding and delivering critical transportation infrastructure projects and programs that connect our communities, foster a strong economy, increase sustainability, and safely and efficiently get people where they need to go. CCTA also serves as the county’s designated Congestion Management Agency, responsible for putting programs in place to keep traffic levels manageable. More information about CCTA is available at ccta.net.