Countywide Transportation Plan and Action Plans

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Planning for Tomorrow's Transportation

The Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) is currently working with consultants, local jurisdictions, and the Regional Transportation Planning Committees (RTPCs) to update several transportation planning documents. These documents provide guidance for evaluating the impacts of local land use developments on the transportation system, and establish a process to ensure that any impacts are addressed in a cooperative, inter-jurisdictional manner.

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What are the Action Plans and Countywide Transportation Plan?

Countywide Transportation Plan

The Countywide Transportation Plan (CTP) provides the overall direction for achieving and maintaining a balanced and functional transportation system within Contra Costa County while strengthening links between land use decisions and transportation. It outlines CCTA’s vision for future transportation and establishes goals, strategies, projects, and actions for achieving that vision. The CTP is also the detailed plan which helps inform and direct transportation funding allocated throughout Contra Costa County.

To review the adopted 2017 CTP, visit the 2017 CTP page.

Action Plans

There are a total of five Action Plans, one for each subarea of the Contra Costa region, as mapped below. The Action Plans are intended to reduce the impact of new development on the county’s transportation system as a requirement of the CCTA Measure J Growth Management Program (GMP) that ensures local jurisdictions participate in a cooperative, multi-jurisdictional planning process. The Action Plans outline quantitative service objectives that each local jurisdiction enforces, which can include requiring developers to complete certain improvements to the transportation system as a condition of project approval.

The new Action Plans have been drafted. As of March 2023, all five Action Plans have been reviewed and accepted by the Regional Transportation Planning Agencies in the County, and forwarded to the Contra Costa Transportation Authority  Board for acceptance and inclusion in the Draft CTP.  These five Action Plans, as well as other documents, will help inform the CTP update. Once the CTP is complete, the five Action Plans will go back to the Regional Transportation Planning Agencies for formal adoption and to be appended to the CTP. Refer to the links below to review a copy of each Action Plan.

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West County

Central County

East County



Project Timeline

The Action Plans and CTP will be updated over the next two years. While the CTP Update will be informed by the Action Plan Updates, there will be combined outreach events that provide stakeholders and the public with opportunities to provide input on both. The Action Plan Updates and CTP Update process is anticipated to be completed by Fall 2023.

Get Involved

Round 1 of public outreach concluded in May 2022. To learn more about the outreach conducted in this first round of engagement, review our Outreach Summary. You can also view the presentation from the Lamorinda Area Public Workshop that took place on November 17, 2022.

You can stay involved by taking the online survey below or by contacting email Matt Kelly, Senior Transportation Planner with CCTA. Future outreach events will be listed on this webpage and will be advertised throughout the community to increase engagement. We look forward to hearing from you again!

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Measure J History

In 1988, Contra Costa County voters approved Measure C, a one-half percent sales tax that generated $1 billion in funding over 20 years. Measure C also included the Growth Management Program (GMP) that encouraged local jurisdictions to participate in a cooperative, multi-jurisdictional planning process, and, among other things, establish flexible traffic service standards for Regional Routes to reflect the varying urban, suburban, and rural settings in the county. In 2004, Measure J was passed by the voters of Contra Costa, extending the sales tax program and the GMP for another 25 years. CCTA, created to manage this program, allocates 18 percent of the sales tax revenue it receives to local jurisdictions that comply with Measure C and J requirements.  To receive these funds, each Contra Costa jurisdiction must, among other requirements, participate in an ongoing cooperative, multi-jurisdictional planning process. As a part of this process, Action Plans are developed and updated with input from local jurisdictions. The current process marks the fourth major update of the Action Plans.

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