Countywide Vision Zero

The Contra Costa Transportation Authority is part of a collaboration with the county and its cities to develop a Vision Zero framework that supports safer travel for all residents in Contra Costa.

About Vision Zero

Vision Zero is a strategy to eliminate all fatalities and severe injuries that result from traffic collisions. The Vision Zero approach views transportation-related fatalities as preventable, not inevitable, and relies on multi-disciplinary collaboration that is informed by data and is focused on equity. To learn more about our Countywide Vision Zero framework, check out the How-To Guide and Toolbox documents below.

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Read the Toolbox

Why now?

Fatalities and severe injuries are 2.4x more likely than collisions involving only people in vehicles*
Pedestrians and cyclists account for 38% of injuries and fatalities on Contra Costa County Roads between 2008-2017*

* Transportation Injury Mapping System (TIMS), 2008-2017


  • Collect and review traffic safety data to identify trends, support local planning, and prioritize countywide efforts
  • Create a “How To” guide for local jurisdictions to implement Vision Zero and safety improvement projects consistently countywide.
  • Integrate Vision Zero as a standard practice in local and regional transportation planning and traffic operations


Please find Resolution No. 21-40-G (Rev 1) here

Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A)

Please find implementation grant application dated September 15, 2022 here
Below is a link to our partner agencies’ Vision Zero website: 
City of Lafayette

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We’d love to hear from you! Reach out to our team to learn more and share your thoughts about our Vision Zero strategy.