Integrated Transit Plan

The Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) is developing an Integrated Transit Plan (ITP) to improve transit services and coordination in Contra Costa County. CCTA is reviewing all existing services and will recommend new ways to improve transit for everyone, with special consideration for the different needs of riders across the county.


Contra Costa residents want to drive less, but many still rely on cars. This is due in part to the challenges of using public transit, such as insufficient connections between transit provider services, too much time between trips, and long travel times.

The four bus transit operators in the county have a long history of working together, which has improved the transit system and made it easier for riders to transfer between services. However, the system needs to be updated to meet the needs of today’s travelers. We need to make it more efficient and better coordinated, and we need to update services and infrastructure to create a modern and sustainable transit network.

The Integrated Transit Plan (ITP)

CCTA is working with the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) and the four Contra Costa bus operators (AC Transit, County Connection, Tri Delta Transit, and WestCAT) to identify ways to optimize the transit network. The ITP will provide guidance for an improved transit network that better serves local and regional travelers.

The ITP will also include a list of improvements that will support enhanced services. The goal of these projects and improvements is to attract more riders and position the bus operators to meet future challenges.

The ITP will focus on the following areas:

Coordination: Identify ways to improve coordination between transit providers so that riders have convenient and seamless travel. Improved coordination will also result in more efficient use of public funds.

Innovation: Explore emerging technologies to enhance Contra Costa County’s transit system, like on-demand shuttles that get people to transit, Mobility as a Service, and traffic signals that prioritize the movement of buses.

Equity: Improve transit so that all communities and residents benefit, including low-income communities, communities of color, and people with disabilities.

The ITP is necessary to enable Contra Costa County’s four bus operators to meet the transportation challenges of the future.

Improved Transit

CCTA wants to make public transportation easier to use and more convenient. With improved transit, Contra Costa County will be a more livable, sustainable, and equitable place to live and travel. As recommendations in the ITP are put into place, the public will see many benefits:

  • Improved coordination between transit agencies
  • Updates to transit service to reflect post-COVID travel patterns
  • A focus on better connections to fixed services, like BART
  • Incorporation of emerging mobility and technology solutions to improve the rider experience

Project Status

The ITP project team is actively working to identify new ways to make transit services more reliable, efficient, and accessible, while improving first and last-mile connections. They’re exploring innovative mobility options to help reduce our reliance on cars and promote sustainable transportation across Contra Costa County. The team is also working to establish the appropriate criteria to use when evaluating possible recommendations.We’re committed to keeping the public informed throughout this process and plan to share our findings for community review this spring. Keep an eye out for upcoming events for an opportunity to join in on this important discussion.

Past Meetings & Related Documents

  • October 20, 2023 – Board WorkshopBoard Memo & Attachments In October 2023, staff sought input on the Integrated Transit Plan priorities, the role of the Authority in transit, policy, and infrastructure, and funding for transit in the near- and long-term. In addition, the Contra Costa County transit operators presented on the current state of their services, key projects, and plans for the future.
  • October 2, 2023 – Bus Transit Coordinating Committee (BTCC) MeetingBoard Memo & AttachmentVideo In October 2023, CCTA provided a progress update on the Contra Costa ITP.
  • September 20, 2023 – Framing WorkshopPresentation In September 2023, CCTA hosted over 30 of the county’s top transportation leaders at a framing workshop for the ITP at our Walnut Creek office. The purpose of the workshop was to establish project priorities, present key takeaways from our service and market assessment, and solicit input on our approach to identifying transit improvements.
  • August 18, 2023 – Information and Listening SessionPresentation In August 2023, CCTA hosted a virtual listening session for community organizations and advocates to provide early input into the plan’s development.

Project Timeline

The ITP is an 18-month project that began in April 2023 and is scheduled to be completed in late 2024.

Get Involved

CCTA is looking for input from community members to make sure the ITP meets the needs of all travelers. CCTA is particularly interested in hearing from people in underserved communities.

Please check back here for updates and opportunities to share your thoughts about transit in Contra Costa County.

For more info about this plan, contact:

Ying Smith – Director of Mobility Programs
Contra Costa Transportation Authority