Access For All Program

Creation of Program

The TNC Access for All Program was created by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) as a way to put Senate Bill 1376 into action. This bill requires the CPUC to establish a program relating to the accessibility of TNC (Transportation Network Company) services for persons with disabilities, including those who need a wheelchair-accessible vehicle (WAV).

Funding for the TNC Access for All Program comes from an access fee of $0.10 collected from each completed TNC trip originating in the State of California. TNCs may offset the fees due to the CPUC by the amounts they spend quarterly to improve wheelchair accessible service in each geographic area. Any fees remaining are distributed to Local Access Fund Administrators (LAFAs). The amount of funding distributed to each LAFA is the amount collected in each LAFA jurisdiction, minus the offsets. For Contra Costa County, fees are collected on all completed trips within the 19 cities/towns and unincorporated County.

On May 5, 2021, CCTA was approved by its Board to serve as the LAFA for Contra Costa County.

Fund Allocations

New funding for the TNC Access for All Program becomes available annually from the CPUC based on the number of TNC passenger trips in Contra Costa County for the previous year. In fiscal year 2021-2022, available funds were between $200,000 and $300,000.

CCTA’s Approach

CCTA’s approach to administering the LAFA program is to use funding to meet the needs for on-demand wheelchair accessible vehicle transportation while implementing and building on existing related programs, services, and partnerships.CCTA partnered with the East Contra Costa Transit Authority (ECCTA), also referred to as Tri Delta Transit, for funding of a fleet of four new paratransit shuttles expanding the service area to new areas. The shuttles are expected to be in service in late 2024.

Current Approved Access Providers

Tri Delta Transit and its Try MyRide On Demand Transit program. Tri MyRide currently operates an on-demand shared WAV shuttle service that provides rides within designated service areas in the Cities of Antioch, Oakley, and the Pittsburg/Bay Point Communities. The new WAV shuttles will help serve the expanded service areas to other parts of eastern Contra Costa County.