Accessible Transportation Strategic Plan Initiative

CCTA is dedicated to making transportation convenient for older adults and people with disabilities.

If you’re an older adult, have a disability, or are a veteran, transportation in Contra Costa County can be challenging. We want to identify ways to make it easier for you to get around the county—whether you’re going to an appointment, getting groceries or visiting family.


To help guide the implementation of the Accessible Transportation Strategic Plan, CCTA has established a Task Force committee that will meet throughout the year along with additional meetings and working group meetings as needed. One of the first recommendations set forth by this task force is to identify mobility strategies that can be delegated to existing agencies or non-profit organizations.

Task Force Meeting Dates for 2024

All meetings will start at 2:00 p.m.

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Previous Planning Work

The Accessible Transportation Strategic (ATS) Plan was born from the 2017 Countywide Transportation Plan (CTP). The CTP found a need to address the challenges associated with: (1) different types of accessible transportation services; (2) multiple transportation providers including cities, transit operators, social services agencies, and non-profit organizations; and (3) diverse, and sometimes overlapping, service areas. The 2020 Transportation Expenditure Plan (TEP) further set expectations for the ATS Plan to ultimately “implement a customer-focused, user-friendly, seamless coordinated system”.


Development of the ATS Plan began in 2019 and continued through 2020. The Plan was completed in March 2021.


Success of the ATS Plan hinged on inclusive and equitable public engagement. This includes input from organizations, key stakeholders, and the broader Contra Costa community. Below are links to our final plan documents as well as links to outreach materials and recordings.