East County Automated Transit Network



With the support of the East County cities, CCTA and Tri Delta Transit are developing the Automated Transit Network (ATN) Project to bring the future of transportation to East Contra Costa County. With the tap of an app, riders can request a trip on a self-driving, zero-emission shuttle so they can stay on the move and avoid traffic, all while helping the environment. Once completed, the ATN Project will deliver a system of safe, on-demand, personalized electric vehicles, with fares similar to existing public transportation options. Bay Area-based urban mobility company Glydways will provide the ATN Project with futuristic, four-person shuttles called Glydcars, which will travel in guideways that are fully separated from traffic. This cutting-edge project will reduce congestion on State Route 4 (SR-4) and surrounding roads, while enhancing transit accessibility in East County by improving connections to existing options such as BART and local bus services.

Project Benefits

A feasibility study that was completed in 2021 identified the following benefits resulting from a ATN project:

Illustration of autonomous electric vehicles on a road.
Small, autonomous vehicles parked at a modern transit station with people walking and a train in the background at sunset.
Rendering of ATN station with dedicated guideways.
Glydways demonstration video.

Project Funding

CCTA and Tri Delta Transit are working together to implement the ATN Project with a public-private partnership (P3) delivery method. After a lengthy procurement process, CCTA and Tri Delta Transit selected East County Connection Partners, LLC (ECCP) as the P3 team to identify and pursue funding to deliver an initial viable segment of the project. ECCP is made up of transportation innovators Glydways and Plenary Americas and lead construction contractor Flatiron.

Project Background

Below are links to a few resources that provide details on the feasibility of this project and the selection process that CCTA and Tri Delta Transit used to select their collaborators.

For more info about this project, contact:

Stephanie Hu – Director, Projects