Shared Mobility Hubs


icon blue part time transit lanes 2The Shared Mobility Hubs (SMH) project is one of six ground-breaking projects that make up the Contra Costa Transportation Authority’s (CCTA) INNOVATE 680 program. This program seeks to implement a carefully curated suite of projects that, when operating together, will address corridor-wide congestion, travel delays, and long-standing operational challenges along Interstate 680 (I-680).

The SMH project will include the planning and development of shared mobility hubs along I-680 from Bollinger Canyon Road to State Route 4 (SR-4). Shared mobility hubs are places of connectivity where different travel options – biking, transit, carpooling, van pooling, ride-sourcing, and micro transit – come together. In addition to providing an integrated suite of mobility services, the hubs may offer a variety of amenities such as food trucks, package delivery, enhanced waiting areas, device charging, and wi-fi.



Offering a variety of modes in a convenient, one-stop location that is clean and safe

smh enhanced access icon@4x

Variety of modes offered will accommodate a diverse range of accessibility needs


Easier transitions between local and regional transportation systems

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Real-time transit information to help optimize trip planning for more reliable travel

User Experience

Below is an illustrated travel sequence showing a user experience scenario, starting with a traveler who checks a mobility-on-demand app at the start of the journey to make the best commute choices. The shared mobility hub is a key element in this sample journey, connecting the traveler to bike parking, a bus, and BART.

Commuter opens Mobility on Demand phone app, chooses to travel by bike, then bus, then BART.

At Shared Mobility Hub, bike is stored safely and commuter boards bus.

Timed lights on city streets provide smooth ride to on-ramp, where bus takes HOV lane to quickly enter freeway.

Congestion on I-680 prompts bus to use Part-Time Transit Lane located on shoulder, bypassing traffic.

TAC Scen icon

Bus makes timely arrival at BART station, allowing commuter to board train for final stretch of ride.

Commuter arrives with short walk to office and receives app notification of charge for their journey.

Current Transit Locations

smh mobility hub map 1@4x

The SMH project will include the planning and development of shared mobility hubs along I-680 from Bollinger Canyon Road to State Route 4 (SR-4). Watch a 3D video simulation of a Shared Mobility Hub concept we are working on.

For more info about this project, contact:

Contra Costa Transportation Authority

Peter Engel – Director, Programs

Stephanie Hu – Director, Projects