Safety & Accessibility

CCTA is committed to ensuring safe, accessible transportation options for every Contra Costa County resident, from students, to seniors, to commuters. This includes planning, funding, and executing a range of programs, including reduced fare transit passes, school bus programs, and projects for pedestrian and bicycle safety that provide school-related access.

In Central and East County all elementary schools (77), middle schools (26) and most high schools (11 of 15) have participated in the Street Smarts Diablo program in the last two years, which includes over 70,000 students. This program provides students with free, limited-ride public bus passes and coordinates a host of safety education services for children of all ages.

Additionally, CCTA helped launch a travel-training program designed to help seniors and people with disabilities travel independently, using fixed-route public transit. Supportive guides empower residents to travel safely and conveniently to work, medical appointments, shopping and more.

To this end, CCTA is leading a comprehensive approach to ensuring children’s safety as they travel to their schools. We partnered with 511 Contra Costa to engage with school administrators, school districts, City/County staff, and local police departments to create safer conditions in drop-off and pick-up zones at schools, and to encourage more bicycling and walking among K-12 students across Contra Costa.

To support the needs of seniors and people with disabilities, CCTA partners with Mobility Matters, a non-profit service wherein more than 100 volunteers provide thousands of rides each year. CCTA and Mobility Matters also established the “Rides 4 Veterans” program to provide transportation services for veterans that are not covered by the Veterans Administration.