State Route 239 Corridor Study

Desktop Project Menu View State Route 239 Corridor Study The State Route 239 (SR239) Corridor Study is a legislatively approved, but unconstructed route in the California state highway system. The purpose of this study is to determine the ultimate concept and alignment for the route in the context of the regional transportation network that includes

Comprehensive Transportation Project List

Comprehensive Transportation Project List To support its planning, programming and modeling efforts, the Contra Costa Transportation Authority maintains a database of transportation projects called the Comprehensive Transportation Project List, or CTPL. This database lists transportation projects for which jurisdictions and agencies are seeking federal or State funding.  The Authority has used the CTPL to create

Growth Management Program (GMP)

Growth Management Program (GMP) Measure C (1988), and Measure J (2004) contain two key components: first, a half-cent sales tax program that generates in aggregate $3 billion in new revenues for transportation improvement projects and programs; and second, a Growth Management Program (GMP) that is designed to help Contra Costa County plan for and accommodate

System Monitoring

System Monitoring As part of the its transportation planning and growth management responsibilities, the Authority periodically monitors the performance of the transportation system in Contra Costa. Two of the main efforts are the monitoring of the Multimodal Transportation Service Objectives (MTSOs) as part of updates of the Action Plan for Routes of Regional Significance and the Countywide Comprehensive