Interstate 680 HOV Completion and Express Lanes

Interstate 680 HOV Completion and Express Lanes The I-680 HOV Completion and Express Lanes project will construct a high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane on southbound I-680 between North Main Street in Walnut Creek and Rudgear Road in Alamo and convert the HOV lane to an express lane on southbound I-680 from just south of Marina

Countywide Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan

Countywide Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan The Contra Costa Transportation Authority has long encouraged walking and bicycling as a way to support our communities and our environment and as alternatives to driving alone. Supporting more walking and bicycling can improve the quality and vibrancy of our neighborhoods and business districts, extend the range and usefulness of

Growth Management Program (GMP)

Growth Management Program (GMP) Measure C (1988), and Measure J (2004) contain two key components: first, a half-cent sales tax program that generates in aggregate $3 billion in new revenues for transportation improvement projects and programs; and second, a Growth Management Program (GMP) that is designed to help Contra Costa County plan for and accommodate

Measure J

Measure J In November 2004, Contra Costa County voters approved Measure J with a 71% vote. The measure provided for the continuation of our county’s half-cent transportation sales tax for 25 more years beyond the original expiration date of 2009. As with Measure C (the original 1988 transportation sales tax measure), the tax revenues will

State Route 4 Operational Improvements (I-680 to Bailey Road)

State Route 4 Operational Improvements (I-680 to Bailey Road) The State Route 4 (SR4) Freeway Performance Initiative (FPI)/Corridor Study Management Plan (CSMP) and the SR4 Integrated Corridor Analysis (ICA) identifi ed several elements to improve operations on SR4. The SR4 Operation Improvements Project includes a continuation of a High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane on eastbound

State Route 242 / Clayton Road Ramps

State Route 242 / Clayton Road Ramps State Route 242 (SR242) is a 3.4-mile long connector freeway that links I-680 to State Route 4. In addition, the SR242 corridor serves commercial, light industrial and residential land uses in the City of Concord. The interchanges at Clayton Road and Concord Avenue are considered the primary access

Innovate 680

Serving communities in central and southern Contra Costa County, Interstate 680 (I-680) is a backbone corridor for the Bay Area. It extends south to Silicon Valley and north to Fairfield, while providing access to scenic recreational areas, popular retail hubs, and thriving business centers. I-680 is critical to the region’s prosperity as it provides for the movement of goods and services throughout the Bay Area and beyond. Thousands of homes and businesses rely heavily on this corridor for day-to-day travel.