Mobility As A Service MAAS

Mobility As A Services (MAAS)

Mobility As A Service Mobility as a Service (Maas) is a combination of public and private transportation services that provides personalized mobility options based on traveler needs, to enable end-to-end journeys paid for by the traveler with a single payment, and aims to optimize the transportation system. Download Fact Sheet

Innovate 680

Serving communities in central and southern Contra Costa County, Interstate 680 (I-680) is a backbone corridor for the Bay Area. It extends south to Silicon Valley and north to Fairfield, while providing access to scenic recreational areas, popular retail hubs, and thriving business centers. I-680 is critical to the region’s prosperity as it provides for the movement of goods and services throughout the Bay Area and beyond. Thousands of homes and businesses rely heavily on this corridor for day-to-day travel.