Imagine the Possibilities

The INNOVATE 680 Program originated with one simple wish: a connected corridor that would move people faster and better. Imagine never being stuck in traffic again, never missing another youth soccer game due to a slow commute, or never having to miss a doctor’s appointment due to limited travel options. What if, in addition to more predictability in your travel time, you gained extra time each day to do the things important to you?

CCTA has a plan for that.

Our congestion management plan for I-680 consists of six projects, that when operating together, will maximize efficiency in the corridor. Alleviating congestion in Contra Costa County does not have a one-size-fits-all solution; any congestion management strategy for the corridor must consider upgrades to the existing infrastructure. On the project pages provided here, you can read how each of the six projects will improve congestion and provide more mobility options to travelers on and along the I-680 corridor.

Our ultimate goal is to provide a new set of easy-to-use options and tools that will improve mobility for everyone and encourage travelers to move toward shared modes. More specifically, we expect the following benefits to be enjoyed throughout all Contra Costa communities: