Advisory Committees

The Accessible Transportation Strategic Plan (ATSP) was born from the 2017 Countywide Transportation Plan (CTP). The CTP found a need to address the challenges associated with: (1) different types of accessible transportation services; (2) multiple transportation providers including cities/towns, transit operators, social services agencies, and non-profit organizations; and (3) diverse, and sometimes overlapping, service areas. The 2020 Transportation Expenditure Plan further set expectations for the ATSP to ultimately “implement a customer-focused, user-friendly, seamless coordinated system”. To help guide the implementation of the ATSP, the Authority Board established a Task Force that will meet throughout the year along with working group meetings as needed. One of the first recommendations set forth by this task force is to identify mobility strategies that can be delegated to existing agencies or non-profit organizations.

The primary role of the Bus Transit Coordinating Committee (BTCC) is to oversee and make recommendations for the programming and expenditures of Measure J transit and express bus funds. The BTCC also provides a forum to consider countywide bus issues and inform the Ex-offico bus transit representative of those issues for informing the Authority Board.

The focus of the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) is to provide Contra Costa County citizen perspective, participation and involvement in Authority policy development and implementation. The CAC brings matters of public concern to the attention of the Authority and helps determine local compliance with the Measure J Growth Management Program.

The Countywide Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (CBPAC) advises the Authority on issues regarding micromobility, scooter/bikeshare, bicycling, and pedestrians, and helps the Authority carry out its responsibilities as a congestion management agency as it shapes tax and funding expenditures for public benefits. To learn more about CBPAC’s work to improve safety please visit here.

The Innovate 680 Policy Advisory Committee is a limited-term Advisory Committee that was formed in April 2020 to advise on the development of policies and overall program matters related to the Innovate 680 Program. For more information on the Innovate 680 Program, please refer to the program webpage.

The purpose of the Paratransit Coordinating Council (PCC) is to advise the Authority Board and staff on issues affecting paratransit service in Contra Costa County and discuss issues of interest and to assist in the resolution of concerns related to paratransit service use.

The Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC) provides advice on technical matters that may come before the Authority. The TCC members also act as the primary technical liaison between the Authority and the Regional Committees.

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